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Mother-Daughter Day

I made the amazing decision to take a personal day so that I can spend quality time with my little ladybug.

Mother-Daughter Day

I made the amazing decision to take a personal day so that I can spend quality time with my little ladybug. I had many distractions last week and unfortunately, Taylor did not receive as much time from me as she deserved. So, I made the decision to take a day off to give her more mommy time!

Our day started with her favorite breakfast: oatmeal with brown sugar and cinnamon. Taylor just loves oatmeal; she can eat it all day. After posing together and taking self-portraits with sunglasses, smiles and silly faces, we headed off to Target for some practical retail therapy. I just love peeling through their sales. Taylor loves being pushed around in the buggy. So we both are left happy and satisfied.

After our trip to Target, we went to Lakeside Mall in Metairie to peruse the sale racks at a few of our favorite stores. Taylor is generally cooperative when we shop, as long as I keep her stroller in motion and the trip remains short. I lost track of time and after two hours of shopping, Taylor started screaming and throwing her stuffed puppy, Sherbert, at racks of clothing. That was a clear indication that it was time to go.

Taylor’s second favorite place to eat at is Panera Bread. Her top favorite place is Cracker Barrel. Panera Bread was fitting, because she is on a self-imposed grains-only diet right now. The girl will seriously rather starve than eat anything from the other food groups! For the past two weeks, she has been surviving off of biscuits, muffins, oatmeal, grits, pancakes and Cheerios. Usually, I can get her to add applesauce and bananas to her limited diet.

After we arrived home, we got creative and decorated a poster with her name and various farm animals. When I brought the poster board to the living room for us to decorate, you would have thought I was gifting Taylor with a golden ticket to Wonka’s Chocolate Factory! She became so excited started running around the room and smiling. She would run up to me and put her arm around my neck as I drew and colored the poster. I felt like the coolest mom ever; I made my girl’s day. Score!

After dinner, bath time, and dressing into her pajamas, Taylor gave me a big kiss on the lips, while she was on the changing table. That gesture really warmed my heart. I knew if she was able to she would have told something to the effect of, “Mommy, today was awesome! Thanks so much for spending time with me.” It was obvious to me that she really appreciated everything we did together.

I greatly enjoyed our time together. Taylor is carefree, spontaneous and funny! What a cool, little girl to hang out with! It’s true what wise people say: Time is what kids want most. This day brought me the joy I’ve been craving. Thank you, Taylor, for a wonderful time!

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