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AMWA Foreward

AMWA Foreword

As President of the American Medical Women’s Association (AMWA), I welcome you to You & Your Family, the publication and website with articles on pregnancy and newborn health for expectant and new parents.

AMWA focuses on the health of women at every age and stage of their lives. Our partnership with You & Your Family is an effective way to offer prospective and new parents reliable health information that we hope will help you make the best decisions for yourself and your family.

This publication will offer you a vast array of educational resources on your pregnancy, delivery, baby and family work-life balance. You will get the latest, evidenced-based expert information from medical professionals nationwide to help guide you through your journey as a prospective or new parent. 

We hope you enjoy this publication, and that you will visit youandyourfamily.comwhere you will find additional information on a wide variety of topics. We wish you and your family a healthy, happy and balanced future. 

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Suzanne Leonard Harrison, MD
President, American Medical Women’s Association
Professor of Family Medicine and Rural Health
Director of Clinical Programs
Florida State University College of Medicine


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