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Letter From the Editor

Letter From the Editor
Letter From the Editor

Welcome to You & Your Family, your pregnancy, birth and baby guide. We offer the latest information for expectant and new parents.

As an expectant parent, you may be concerned about experiencing pregnancy and having a healthy baby during the Covid-19 pandemic. It’s important (and encouraging) to note that keeping abreast of public health agency recommendations, being proactive about following official guidelines, and knowing what to expect as your pregnancy progresses will help guide you through a healthy labor and delivery — feeling calmer, more confident and joyful (“Welcoming Your Beautiful Baby”).

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle matters throughout pregnancy and postpartum, and there is no better time than right now to establish good health habits.

Regular physical activity offers many gains for you and your baby — particularly when you may be more physically inactive due to the pandemic. Read about safe exercises with big benefits, plus sports and activities you would need to postpone until after the birth of your baby. Always discuss your workout plans with your healthcare provider and get the okay prior to beginning any new routine (“Keep Moving”).

Eating healthily is essential to your well-being and, during pregnancy, making smart nutrition choices will help promote fetal growth and development. Learn about the top foods to pick, those to skip, how not to overeat — and safe grocery-shopping in the Age of Covid-19 (“Hungry for 2?”).

Good nutrition is also crucial for your new baby’s growth and development. Read about breastfeeding advantages for both you and your little one, along with public health official endorsements for nursing safely during the pandemic, even if you test positive for Covid-19 (“Feeding Time”).

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Elaine Marotta
Editor-in-Chief/VP Publishing Operations


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